The Vineyard Journey is Alive!!!!

One of my Dreams has been to develop a vineyard. One day two years ago I realized if not now then when? The journey began and then challenges came but I pushed forward after delays and now we have a vineyard!!!

The biggest part of the dream for me is having my whole family work on a business together. Something that takes a lot of work that we can all do together for rewards that don't come easy and take time. There is nothing better for a family then farming together. The lessons are priceless, the moments last a lifetime like putting stakes in the ground with my daughter Kelsey and praying together as we did it.

We prepped the land, put in the trellis system, and are almost done planting the vines. Of course this is a simplified way to explain all we've done but the bottom line is it's happening!!!

The whole family is working hard to build something together.

My son Austin rarely wants to do physical labor and he turned around. During planting my three older kids worked hard for 7 hours straight. My 5 and 8 year old actually planting vines, watering, staking and loving it!!

It was one of our best days as a Tolpin family ever!!

I took everyone out to eat and gave much praise to them for their hard work and great attitudes. We were exhausted from building a dream together. There is no better feeling and we all felt it. It was magical...

Of course it's just the beginning of this journey together. There is much work ahead but with work and challenge comes triumph, learning and bonding

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