"Here for Big Things"

God says each of us are unique and special, put on this earth for a reason. Our own beliefs often diminish our own feelings that we are special and have a purpose to fulfill. If a person can get themselves to the point of feeling as special as God knows they are it will perpetuate all they do in life for the better

"I'm special" "I have special talents and gifts" "I"m on this earth for important reasons"

We don't always need to know Gods reasons or mission on earth for us---That's okay.
As long as we are proactively preparing ourselves in a general sense new doors of opportunity will open and our growth and influence will improve.

I'm on a mission right now--This year will be one of my largest personal growth years of my life--a year of new kinds of preparation led by the spirit. I don't know what I'm preparing for but it feels good...

I feel more alive then ever! It seems the more I prepare the more God uses me for good. I'm coming to the conclusion that we always should be preparing. We've gotta stop trying to figure everything out--it's actually more fun to prepare without knowing what it's for. Instead just go to work on yourself--constantly learn and challenge yourself.

My life has been relatively comfortable in 2006. It surely was an adventure with all the events of the year but still there wasn't a lot of tension on me. Tension is important, it keeps us growing!!


"I Don't Need To Know"

So many times we pray for God to show us what He wants for us, what He wants us to do in life. God has his own timing which I have found isn't in line with our own. This can present a problem if we wait for God to show us what he wants us to do.

Perhaps He is waiting for us to prepare with faith. But Hey--How do we know what to prepare? Especially since we don't know what we are preparing for. Good question--God wants us to have faith. When we prepare by faith we can make sure we are truly preparing for what God wants for us. He will show us how to prepare if we ask--I think He is much more likely to immediately put things in our life that direct our preparation then simply say "Here is exactly what I want you to do with your life".

Our God is a God of action...

As we take action in our preparation by faith I believe He will show us things he wants us to do that we would of never came or even thought of ourselves.

Preparation today is what gets us ready for whatever is next.

Waiting today keeps us from the progress God wants for us.

I believe God wants us always preparing, constantly creating tension on ourselves that forces growth. This tension isn't comfortable but real growth usually only happens when we are getting uncomfortable because we are forging new ground.



My 10 Best Practices

I was asked to give a message to a business networking group on my 10 best practices

Here they are...

1. Clear vision of what I want
2. Create meaning in what I do beyond the obvious
3. Attract talent (The right spouse is most important)
4. Leadership Training
5. Communicate a simple vision "Choose Growth"
6. Do what's most important and delegate the rest
7. Start with the most difficult tasks first
8. Live a disciplined life
9. Pursue my own personal growth (Spiritual growth most important)
10. Keep it simple "Fundamentals" ---Drive them

I would add the most important one which is to honor God in all I do (this wouldn't go over that well for the business meeting but is my most important practice)