My 10 Best Practices

I was asked to give a message to a business networking group on my 10 best practices

Here they are...

1. Clear vision of what I want
2. Create meaning in what I do beyond the obvious
3. Attract talent (The right spouse is most important)
4. Leadership Training
5. Communicate a simple vision "Choose Growth"
6. Do what's most important and delegate the rest
7. Start with the most difficult tasks first
8. Live a disciplined life
9. Pursue my own personal growth (Spiritual growth most important)
10. Keep it simple "Fundamentals" ---Drive them

I would add the most important one which is to honor God in all I do (this wouldn't go over that well for the business meeting but is my most important practice)

1 comment:

  1. Isaac, you knocked it out of the park with your presentation! Thanks for giving up part of your day to share with some enthusiastic young entrepenuers... all the best!

    Jim Kuhlman