"Pride vs Confidence"

There is a major difference between pride and confidence:


-Pride stops learning because of feelings of "I got it" "I'm better than this"
"I've heard it before"
-Pride puts blame elsewhere vs How can I get better
-Pride creates mediocrity
-Pride focus's on our needs vs needs of others
-Pride is the enemy of true confidence, Pride = False Confidence

What is True Confidence?

-Belief that you can do something
-Strong in your identity--someone that really knows who they are
-Someone that is honest with themselves, they know their strengths and weaknesses
-Experience creates confidence--- a history of successes
-Confidence is real--there are true reasons supporting a persons confidence
-Confidence is about understanding and mastering fundamentals

The more we humble ourselves the more He can lift us up

What areas do we need to push pride out and replace it with real confidence

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  1. Thanks Isaac, Pride vs. Confidence accomplished exactly what you wrote your blog is designed to do.

    Keep it up brother,

    Pastor Tim Camp, Blue Ridge Texas