"The Power of the Moment"

This moment matters for all future moments you want in life and beyond

The power of the moment is immense, each moment aids or hinders the next, each moment creates fortune or disaster. The challenge is in this moment the consequences are unseen and the best course of action or thought in the moment is seldom the one that is easier to choose. This is why so many choose thoughts and actions that only later lead them to the lesser destinations. Lead them away from what they truly want in life, away from the path God wants them to take...

The successful, the fulfilled are the people that understand this and are not blinded by the moment. They seize the moment and often are uncomfortable because they are growing, they are choosing growth, they are becoming more, they are uncomfortable because they are picking the harder thought or action to take. They are choosing to succeed in the very moment that most are subconsciously choosing defeat.

Everyone has an ideal path to travel; the actions and thoughts in the moment are what keep us on that path or take us down a path that leads to normalcy, mediocrity and defeat.
Awareness of this is what keeps us on the path or gets us back on it. Awareness only comes from living by the highest standards for ourselves.

Standards we live by are what get us back on the path. The people with the highest standards are the ones that see the value in the moment and make corrections needed to get back on the path. Without standards we don’t realize we have been choosing and thinking incorrectly until it’s too late. Defeat and mediocrity have already arrived, we get so off the path to what we want, what God wants for us because our standards are too low.

Each moment offers an array of emotions, responses to situations, thoughts we can choose and actions we can take. God made it this way so we can freely choose Him and His path, but we have to choose it.

The good news is no matter how far off track we get in life there is always a way back, hopefully we learn the lessons from getting to this place and set high standards for our life. This breeds new habits which leads to consistent actions that create improved outcomes and fulfillment in life. If we don’t learn and change from this experience our whole life will be extreme highs and lows because we never developed a conviction about where we want to go and set the standards necessary to be there, to get there, to live the way God wants us to live.

Either way God loves us the same, the choices and thoughts of the moment will be reflected in our life, our impact, our success, our fulfillment, and our relationship with Christ.