I'm convinced that everything has 3-4 fundamentals that create high performance when followed precisely. If we aren't getting the results we want with something then the fundamentals need to be executed more closely.

We become frustrated and neurotic if we believe anything else. The first place to look for improvement must be within us, otherwise we play the blame game, we place blame in places we have little or no control.

If we buy into the blame game we will believe we are executing the fundamentals and not getting results. If we're here then there is little hope for improvement and negativity and frustration will take the place of achieving what we want.

Here is the test to see if that's true...

Are there others somewhere achieving the results you want? If someone is, then the only possibility is that you can execute fundamentals better. Precision is key when it's a fundamental.

Spend a majority of your time working on improving at the engines of success---the fundamentals. Never succumb to the belief that there is no room for improvement. At the height of his game, Tiger Woods decided that he could get better but to do so he must completely change his swing. He developed a completely new swing and improved his game.

We are neurotic if we ever believe we are doing everything right but not getting results. All we can control in this world is our response to things. Respond well when you are lacking the success or results you want. Focus on your own improvement over anything else because that is what we can control and that is the fastest route to the destinations we desire.

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