"The Balanced Life Myth"

The amount of time spent doesn't necessarily show priority. God says to work 6 days and take 1 day for rest. Does this mean God is saying work is the #1 priority? Obviously not but that is what people spend most of their time doing.

Our heart shows priority.....How we spend our leisure time shows priority and of course how we spend our money shows priority.

Balance is a funny thing...people are constantly seeking balance. I think often we have some vision in our head of what that would look like and we get frustrated that we aren't achieving that picture. Sometimes this battle with wanting balance can throw us off the best possible path for our lives. A path of great positive influence on our world...

Was Moses balanced as we would describe it?

Was Paul balanced?

Was Jesus Balanced as society might think of it?

Think of anyone that we have great admiration for and I think you will find that there were times their life was completely out of the balance we think is ideal.

I think of my greatest periods of time in life and in many cases they were the times I was the most out of balance. These were memorable because of the challenges, the forced growth upon myself, rigorous work schedules and out of it pure Joy because of who I was becoming, new levels of confidence, achievement and influence.

We must not waste time at work but also we don't want to waste time trying not to work when it's needed. Don't waste time feeling guilty about working when it's a time that's important to do so.

There will be times of great unbalance in our lives that forges new growth in us. I don't believe we can be pursuing our God given potential by always being balanced as we may picture it.

And if we are so caught up in what we don't have in our life we may miss out on all that God has given us in this moment.

So don't throw in the chips and give into a picture of total balance--We must keep charging and pursuing our potential--You know you are if you still have times of great unbalance because your charging towards something great and challenging.

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